Mind Your Magic

Some things about this comic's future

by YablokoAirPirate on 26th Nov 2020, 4:50 AM
Here I am once again with another blog post. As of this writing, I have posted my first Mind Your Magic since July. Why did it take so long? Well, real life commitments aside, I start Autumn Leaves in late September, very near the time when I participated in Goretober. I set it aside thinking I would pick it up when Goretober was done. So flash foward to November, when I did go back to finish up the sketch work for the comic. Unfortunately, disaster happened and my original file for the comic got corrupted after I restarted my computer. I managed to save a copy of the sketch for the original, but at that point I decided to make a new one instead of trying to salvage the old one. And so, Autumn Leaves turned into a single panel comic from the original projected 5 panel-page, and honestly, I think it's better for me this way. I felt so exhased from school work that a simple comic for the autumn season was just enough. But this blog post is not about the recent comic, but rather I want to talk about something I have been thinking of for a long time.

Recently, I have been unhappy with the way the comic is currently. I feel like there's too many problems with the writing, the art, and the lack of polish. I am also not a fan of the icon, banner, and the overall site layout; they look so amateurish to me. It's been getting to the point that I struggle making strips for the comic since they're so trite. What I am saying is that, from this point forward, Mind Your Magic is going through a soft reboot. The current comics will stay and the general universe will be the same, but I am going to slowly change certain things both in and out-of-comic. The main things that will see some changing would be the character designs and the switch in strip layout, with a completely overhauled site being the biggest goal. I don't know how long this will all take, but the character designs would probably be finished before the site overhaul, which I will do in bits and pieces since I suck at HTML and site building :'3. There also may be a slight shift to a mainly once a week schedule, depending on how things go. But for now, I just want to say goodbye, because it's almost 5 am here and I haven't slept.